In terms of Section 20 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, the goods sold by Comics Explorer are second-hand periodicals and older than 30 days after publication.

The general condition of our back issue stock is described in our Grade of Comic/Magazine section.

Therefore, no refunds are due if you want brand-new comics fresh from the press.

Most of the images shown for the comics in our webshop are generic stock images and not necessarily of the actual comic. We stock thousands of comics so to scan each and every one of them is not practical.

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As avid comic book fans ourselves, we have experienced customer service that ran the gamut from excellent to truly awful. Reflecting on these experiences endowed us with the need to use our resources to help comic book fans better than their current sources of comics.  

To this end, ComicsXP (the shortened version of Comic Explorer’s name) was formed on 01 August 2012 as an online comic book store with the following vision that guides its mission:  

1.    To make comics accessible to everyone, no matter where they live;

2.    To offer a professional service that will give you peace of mind;

3.    To assist fans in locating that elusive back issue;

4.    To be a premier source of back issues for collectors;
5.    To be the preferred source of new comics by collectors; and

6.    To offer the latest and older comics at prices that will suit a collector’s budget. 

If you have already ordered from ComicsXP then you have experienced a sample of the service it offers. Believe us, making your comic collecting hobby as easy and cost-effective as possible is our number one priority.

The company was formed with one goal in mind: peace of mind to comic book fans. Whether this involves ensuring all your new comics get to you without any hassles, locating back issues at a competitive price, stellar customer service and professional documentation, Comics Explorer was created by comics fans for comics fans.

  • Having problems with your current newsagent? Let Comics Explorer assist you with your monthly comics subscriptions.
  • Battling to find that elusive back issue? Comics Explorer will find it for you.
  • Does your current comic book shop or newsagent make YOU work hard to manage your collection needs? Comics Explorer will word hard FOR YOU (and throw in discounts for you).

In closing, I invite you to write to us with any ideas (see the Contact page) as to how ComicsXP can assist you with your comic book collection. Tired of newsagents that have little or no comics selection? Don’t stay near a comic book shop? Experiencing appalling prices and service? This is where ComicsXP can be of assistance to you. We look forward to servicing your comic collection needs. 


Please refer to the Contact page.


3.1    Our pricing for back issues is based on actual cost of sales incurred to book the comic books into stock. We also average prices out against industry standard  price guides to ensure that our books are priced as fairly and accessibly as possible.

3.2    Many of our comics, though their actual grades might be high (e.g. NM, VF), are priced based on lower grades to make them affordable to comic readers.

3.3    From time to time, ComicsXP has codeword sales where customers can earn a discount on their orders by entering the specified codeword in the Discount Keyword field during checkout. Also, many comics may be on special under Special Offers as well. This is just 2 ways that ComicsXP helps to save you money on your purchases.


4.1    All comics are shipped in polypropylene comic bags with backing boards.

4.2    Packaging methods are as follows:

<= 15 comic books ordered

Padded envelope of an appropriate size.

> 15 comic books ordered

Box of an appropriate size.

4.3    No order of comic books is shipped without a backing board and comic bag.

4.4    Once the comics are packaged, they are shipped using the postal option selected by you during the checkout. Once posted, a tracking number and website where you may track the transit of your order are included in a dispatch e-mail which is sent to you.


5.1    All product are described via the following format:

        <name of comic>_<year of title>_<the issue number>_<month>_<year>


 Notation Definition

<name of comic>

 the actual name of the comic as it is shown in the indicia of the book.

  <year of title>

 the year the title started.
 <the issue number>  the number of the issue in the title's run, as indicated in the indicia of the comic.
 <month>  the cover date for the comic book, as it is shown in the indicia. If there is no month displayed on the cover, the information in the indicia is shown
  <year>  the year of publication of the comic book.