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Collector Supplies
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ComiCare Current Sized Comic..
Pack of 100 polypropylene bags. Made of 2 mil virgin material. Protects all comics up to 6-7/8'' (174mm) x 10-1/2'' (268.8mm) size. Fold-over flap up to 1-1/2'' (38.4mm) for extra protection. Weight: 2 pounds (907 grams). Delivery time: +/- 4 - 6 weeks from date of order (stock held by US supplier).
R 140,00
Comic Defense System Comic-S..
Pack of 100 all white boards. Made of 24-pt. Virgin material. Acid-free on both sides at time of manufacture. Rigid boards provide extra protection. Protects all comics up to 6-3/4'' (171mm) x 10-1/2'' (268.8mm) size. Weight: 1000 grams. Delivery time: +/- 4 - 6 weeks from date of order (stock held by...
R 175,00
Collectorline - Pack of 100 ..
9 " x 12" + 1 " flap for #s 520 to date. (242mm x 305mm x 40mm flap minimum approximately) Pack of 100 polyethylene NEW size 2000AD bags. Will fit 2000AD after about 520, with the exception being that 2000AD went through other format changes - most of which are suited to a Magazine Bag .
R 350,00