In terms of Section 20 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, the goods sold by Comics Explorer are second-hand periodicals and older than 30 days after publication.

The general condition of our back issue stock is described in our Grade of Comic/Magazine section.

Therefore, no refunds are due if you want brand-new comics fresh from the press.

Most of the images shown for the comics in our webshop are generic stock images and not necessarily of the actual comic. We stock thousands of comics so to scan each and every one of them is not practical.

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1.    What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:

    a)    Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)

    1. Credit card transactions are catered for via secure payment gateways facilitated by MyGate.

    2. Available to domestic and international customers.

    b)    Electronic Bank Transfer - Payfast

    1. Electronic bank transfer from your bank account to ours is automatically facilitated by PayFast. 

    2. Available to domestic customers only and if you bank with Nedbank, Standard Bank, ABSA and FNB.

)    Electronic Bank Transfer - Other

1. Available to domestic customers only and if you cannot pay via section b).
    2. Write to us and we will supply our banking details to you.
2.    What are your shipping costs to domestic (South Africa) and international destinations?

Please refer to the Postage and Handling Costs section.

3.    What are your turnaround times for fulfilment of orders?

Please refer to the Turnaround Times section for more information.

4.    How do I search for products on Comics Explorer?

The following ways are available for you to use to search for product:
a)    Products on special offer are located in the Special Offers section of the store. This section represents a one-stop location for product at reduced prices. Saves you time in locating these specials.

b)    On the left-hand side of the website, there is a section called Categories. Similar to the shopping aisles you see in supermarkets, where each aisle has a description of product available in it, the Categories break up all products into sections you can reference.

c)    Use the Product Search engine at the top of the page. Type in keywords to look for products.

5.    I ordered a product and I am not happy with it. What do I do?
If we shipped you goods that were not what you ordered, and without prior arrangement, ship it back to us and we will either reimburse you the cost of the purchase or arrange for a credit in the form of a discount coupon.

6.    Why are your prices sometimes higher than industry price guides?

It is important to remember that magazines and books containing price listings are averages of what dealers across the world are asking for issues. While these publications are good at compiling these numbers, they actually don't stock and sell comics. We do. 

Our costs of maintaining such a huge inventory, and providing selected individual issues on demand, are immense. Covering those costs sometimes requires that we charge a little more.  In addition to that clear economic constraint, we also sometimes have philosophic differences with some of the price guides but because the price guide publishers are not actually having to try and find restock of those issues in the open market, they have no idea of the actual scarcity.

Our cost of sales includes procuring new stock, bagging and boarding them and entering them into the webstore system. Entering a lot of product into the system can take hours on end and it is these costs that price guides do not take into account when calculating market prices. 

7.    I want a product that is not listed on the webstore.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will get it for you. Before we place any special orders, we will calculate a quotation to present to you. If you accept the quotation we will ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order.

8.    What grades are your comics in?

Please refer to the Grade of Comics/Magazines section for more information.

9.    Do you offer a subscription service for new comics/magazines?

We have a subscription service available called New Comics Service (or Subscriptions) (NCS). The NCS lists items that are solicited for sale in two month's time from the major comics publishers and advance lists them for pre-orders to be accepted. You can add titles to an ongoing subscription or make once-off purchases.

Benefits of getting your new comics through the NCS are as follows: 

  1. Never miss an issue of your favourite title.
  2. Detailed electronic order form of items solicited by publishers for release in the near future.
    All major publishers listed in separate tabs for easy review;
  3. Automated calculators showing number of copies, subscriptions ordered, discounts applicable, postage and handling costs applicable. Perfect for your monthly budget planning.
  4. Tab showing all First Issues / New Series for the release month – perfect for the collector that collects first issues and can get copies when they are published.
  5. Get discounts of up to 40% off your monthly call order (based on a graduating scale).
  6. Convenient payment options - credit card (MasterCard, Visa), EFT, cash deposit, cheque.
  7. Make once-off purchases.
  8. Add titles to Subscriptions. No need to keep re-ordering the same title every month. We will order these for you as part of your subscriptions.
  9. Free copy of Diamond Previews (applicable to subscribers with 10 or more titles on their subscription list).
  10. All comics shipped in a comic bag and board.
  11. Clear copies of invoices for purchases and automatic subscription management.
  12. Cancel a subscription at any time.
  13. Customers with more than 5 titles on a subscription list qualify for 30% off back issues at any time from Comics Explorer’s back issue, trade paperback and magazine online catalogue.

More information on the NCS are available at the NCS section.