Comics Explorer's New Website Design
02/12/2017 - 0 Comments
Comics Explorer's New Website Design

After much hard work over the last few months, we have changed the design of our webshop, which went live with the new design at midnight on 03 December 2017.

The new design uses the latest web design standards and incorporates the latest features:

- Mobile-friendly design;

- Multiple currencies, to enable all prices to be displayed in the currency of your choice;

- Upgraded customer section - log into your account to see the following information:

Abandoned cart information.

We’ve added an abandoned cart section, so if you left some products in the cart without completing the transaction, you can order without having to route around.

aband cart

Write a review button

We’ve implemented a ‘write a review’ button next to previously purchased items. This will allow you to leave feedback on your purchase(s).

write review


We’ve added a support section within the customer account so that you can contact us easily and conveniently.


Newsletter Subscription

Our new newsletter subscription section allows you to easily subscribe to our latest company emails at the click of a button.

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