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Incredible Hulk [1968] - 156
Incredible Hulk [1968] - 156
Product Code:September, 1972
Product Condition:Used
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 Holocaust At the Heart of the Atom!

Hulk / comic story / 20 pages  


Archie Goodwin
Herb Trimpe
Sal Trapani
Artie Simek
Job Number:
996 Z

Content Information

Hulk; Jarella; Torla; Betty Ross; Glenn Talbot; Lord Visis (villain; introduction; death); Krylar (villain; introduction; death)
Hulk arrives on Jarella's world with the mental acuity of Bruce Banner; He finds the city of K'ai in ruins and discovers that Jarella has been captured by the treacherous Lord Visis; Hulk rescues his lady love and leads her people in revolt; That is, until Visis teams up with master assassin Krylar who has a weapon that makes one battle one's darkest fears; The weapon is turned on the Hulk and Hulk with Banner's mind finds himself facing his old brutish self; Jarella's magicians counter by ending the spell that makes Hulk smart; Pym's serum wears off and Hulk grows back to normal size.
Reprints: show reprint note before migration
  •  in L' Incroyable Hulk (Editions Héritage, 1968 series) #15 ([Octobre 1972])
  •  in Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #104 (December 1981)
  •  in Hulk: Heart of the Atom (Marvel, 2008 series) #[nn] [premiere edition] (2008)
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