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Avengers [1963] - 41
Avengers [1963] - 41
Product Code:June, 1967
Product Condition:Used
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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!      

The Avengers / comic story / 20 pages              


Roy Thomas
John Buscema
George Roussos [as George Bell]
Artie Simek

Content Information

Dragon Man (villain); Diablo (villain); Bill Foster; Hawkeye; Goliath [Hank Pym]; Scarlet Witch; Quicksilver; Hercules; Mister Fantastic (cameo flashback); Human Torch (cameo flashback); Wasp; Black Widow [Natasha Romanova]
Hank Pym has gained possession of android Dragon Man, who was rendered inert since his last fight with the Fantastic Four. As soon as Pym gets the android in his lab, however, Diablo appears, reactivating the android. Dragon Man conquers the Avengers and takes Goliath and the Wasp captive. Continued next issue.
Reprints: show reprint note before migration
  •  in Los Vengadores (Editora de Periódicos La Prensa S.C.L., 1965 series) #119 (7 de octubre de 1968)
  •  in Il Mitico Thor (Editoriale Corno, 1971 series) #48 (30 Gennaio 1973)
  •  in Marvel Triple Action (Marvel, 1972 series) #33 (January 1977)
  •  in Marvel Superheroes [Marvel Super-Heroes] (Marvel UK, 1979 series) #378 (October 1981)
  •  in Los Vengadores (Novedades, 1981 series) #41 (10 de diciembre de 1981)
  •  in Marvel Gold. Los Vengadores: ¡Unidos en Combate! (Panini España, 2012 series) #[nn] (Marzo 2012)
  •  in Essential Avengers (Marvel, 1999 series) #2
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