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Amazing Spider-Man [Supercomix] - 22 [GD] [2.0]
Amazing Spider-Man [Supercomix] - 22 [GD] [2.0]
Amazing Spider-Man [Supercomix] - 22 [GD] [2.0]
Product Code:April, 1982
Product Condition:Used
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Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man (1963) (Marvel) #167. 
No poster in this copy despite what the cover says.

...Stalked by the Spider-Slayer!

Spider-Man / comic story / 17 pages

Len Wein
Ross Andru (breakdowns); Mike Esposito (finished art)
Mike Esposito
Glynis Wein
Joe Rosen

Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; J. Jonah Jameson; Dr. Marla Madison; Anna May Watson; Aunt May Parker; Mary Jane Watson; Flash Thompson; Liz Allen; Harry Osborn; Dr. Barton Hamilton; VILLAINS: Will-o'-the-Wisp (introduction); Spider-Slayer
Jameson attacks Spidey with his new Spider-Slayer robot. Trying to dig up info that Jonah supposedly has on Spider-Man, Spidey runs across the strange density manipulating powers of Will-o'-the-Wisp. When the Spider-Slayer arrives on the scene, Spidey finds himself facing two baddies at once.
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